First thought is not the best thought? (w/ lunch)

I had spent my sunny spring equinox day along the river for lunch. Here, I had a cheese bagel, smoked tongue, and a bottle of tea. It was quite enjoyable and reminded me how good my life is since I usually brood for everything.

鴨川ランチ!• チーズベグルとスモクタンと玄米茶
I loved “Kill Your Darling” so much, so I decided to use this movie’s quote for my first blog. But I just disagree that the first thought is not the best thought, the last is neither, too. The answer is somewhere along the process of thinking and dreaming. And the answer one takes is probably not the best option, but it is the best possibility to make the best happens.

I want to tell that, finally, I feel really better from the cloud of depression in Ph.D., my overthinking, and the third cold heartless winter. And probably because I watched “Homeless to Harvard”a few days ago. It is uplifting, pangs me the fact that my morose life is a result of resourcefulness. I have food to eat, place to stay, work to do, and time to dwell into everything I don’t have such as better university or more exciting life. The worst of all, I don’t know what I want. That’s why I am always lost.

I was going out today because I didn’t want to waste the first spring sun. I had a thousand way to spend the day but since I came up with this idea and it seemed lovely to do at that time, so I just enjoyed it. I should enjoy it, makes it good rather than mourning over the alternatives I didn’t take. Life as well, I have chosen this, what’s wrong with doing it great. The first thought is not the best thought. The chosen one is.

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