My world spins around reading and writing

I tried to write a poem that stuck in my head for a few days about why we should travelling now. As I had very interesting discussion with my mom about everything, places and our mind, changes. Then, the earlier we can see, the earlier we can learn. Our perspectives can be broaden sooner and everything seems more fascinating when we were young too, right?

Today, I planned to sleep at midnight. But the story I am reading is too far good. I know since the first chapter that I am absolutely in trouble with sleeping time again tonight. After 4 chapters, I forced myself to go to bed but allowed about 10 minutes to do this blogging. Reading is so captivating. It makes me feel good, feel right, feel living in the alternate universe but feel neither wrong nor lonely. It drives my ability to write. Look, I can describe so long about the concept of poem I thought and could not finish two days ago plus today’s reading story.

I take poetry workshop right now. It’s so fun! I also think that poet is one of very few jobs that the madder one is, the better piece of work one can create. This is so tempting (to be allowed to be mad at work lol) but not only my skill is so poor, the poet seems always to have very tragic life which I don’t want that. Thank you.

So, good night for now. I have to wait until tomorrow night to have time to read. But that is okay. I’m glad I finally step back into reading/writing before bed routine again. I want to note here that if one day it is so sad and desparate, just go reading. It can definitely wrap my broken soul with warmth and kindness.

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