Up, again

This may be a hundredth time that I feel better and want to fight for future. Somehow, I think this time can be different because I want my life to be written in another way.  In the way that I have adventures and obstacles, in the way that I survive day and night, in the way that I sometimes laugh and oftentimes cry, in the way that it can be a story in favourite book for someone, or at least for me. 

So I want to make a note here, to look back from the future whatever it happens. I want to say it is okay, if I drown again and takes time to resurface. I neither expect I will be invincible to any obstacles or emotions nor have a perfect ending. Of course, I want a happy ending in some aspects of life but I rather wish I have delight journeys than focus on the end of story alone. I also want to say this to everyone who feel depress. It is not wrong, it does not have to have that much reason to struggle in this stage. But it is going to be okay. Yes, I don’t know when, too, but it surely comes. And the moment I realized I want to fight to death more than to be dragged and died, does not have spotlight going on. It is just a regular aimless thought of mind, gradually turns into something I see the possibility in it. And my heart is convinced to try.

3 thoughts on “Up, again

  1. อึ่ม ทำไมดูดาร์ค แต่เราจำคำนี้เสมอนะ สิ่งทีเกิดขึ้นแล้วสิ่งนั้นย่อมดีเสมอ
    แน่หล่ะ ในแว้บแรก มันไม่ใช่ มันเปลี่ยนแปลงไปจากที่ expect
    แต่ทุกอย่าง ถ้าจะมองให้ออกมาในแง่ดี มันก็ถือเป็นประสบการณ์หนึ่ง
    เราเชื่อว่า เมื่อเวลาผ่านไป เวลามองย้อนมา ก็จะหวนคิดว่าเราเคยผ่านจุดนั้นมาได้ ดังนั้น เดินหน้าต่อไปค่ะ

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