Wake Up Kiss

Darling, I know it’s hard
To wake up in the morning.
The air is too cold, even though it’s spring,
Darling, I know. It’s hard
To leave the place where we
Can hold each other forever. Believe me,
Darling, I know how’s hard
To wake up and start living.

But don’t close your eyes
Because your life deserves to be lived
In the world of mirth, of love, of opportunity.
Don’t close your eyes
And lost your smile in fantasy.
Get up and go. Unlock the door of possibility.
Open your eyes
because your life deserves to be lived

Now the sun shines,
This should be my last kiss in dream.
We won’t get lost.
As the sunshine
Lights our path, we’ll come across,
Again, in reality. Until we find
Our way, sunshine,
This would be my last kiss in dream.


# For all morning in spring.

The Promise of Baby Tulip


won’t be seized by the fear of others
shooting up into the same sky.

won’t be withered even though
those taller shadows turn me blind. 

won’t give up, again, when winter
hunts my hope, makes me cry. I won’t die. 

now know, happiness’s like sunlight
success’s like the air, it’s the share, all desires.

now see, the sky’s also mine.
Keep dreaming, keep growing, one more try.


#It was a lovely day at Osaka Expo Park. I felt so free under the sunshine with a lot of beautiful tulips. There were so many things in my head while I was walking there. One of them is tulip is quite late bloomer (in compare to ume and sakura). I could feel the horror of tulip about waking up from a bulb and saw everyone, including tulip friends, had already full bloomed beautifully. 

Because I do. 

All around me is full of someone who is better, cooler, smarter than me. Grad school is always like this. But I guess I realize that is not a reason I should be afraid or run away. Although there are too many people who successes in the similar things before me, I still can be better, too, and I have a full right to have my own achievement. Even if I am the last baby tulip in the field, I am going to bloom, to stand under the spring blue sky and shine in my own way.

Love Message

I try to write
my love to you.
Can not find word,
I try to write.
Give up and go
to bed at two.
I try to write
my love to you.

And in the dark,
you pull me close.
Your eyes are like
stars in the dark.
“What amuses you?”
I have to ask.
And in the dark,
you pull me close.

“You try to write
your love to me.
While I am here,
you try to write.”
“Oh! do you pout?”
I feel delight!
I know I’m right,
you love me, too.


AttemptTriolet, first time.

While I was reading all the poetry forms, triolet catched my eyes and amused me how it works. I also have another idea about love for poetry that have stuck in my head for three days. So I combined two problems to be my first triolet here!

Poetry, love, hide, and Kyoto cherry blossom

Another side,
hundred people walk by.
I want to find,
the place belongs to mine.

I sit alone,
spring, sky, sunshine.
I dream of you,
it shifts state of mind.

Another soul,
I know when time goes by?
Look in your eyes,
See everything I hide.

(revised: 20160411)

# I went out to local spot for sakura viewing in Kyoto. You have no idea how many people on just another side of the hill! Common situation, by the way. I think only this shot I could take today is without people. It is scenic and lovely! I just too fond of it to not write something with this memory.

Spring Haiku in Kyoto


White cloud of spring
Pebble beach, winter river
All can be if want

I tried my first haiku here. As I was riding my bike, the full bloomed sakura along the riverside seemed like fluffy clouds. In the river, there is the big pebble island which reminds me the beach. I hopped down and breathed and strolled on it for a while. The breeze over there has a scent of sea. I just think being, showing, endeavoring self to be whichever one wants to be, some day people will see. Like the way I can see flowers as high as a white cloud and pebbles at river as far as it is at open sea.