A Forkmate Story

The fork was looking for the spoon.
Travelling up to the Saturn moon.

At the first stop at Mars,
The fork went alone to steak bar.
Pairs of knife and fork snogged on the sofas,
The fork’s world was ajar.

At the second rest at Jupiter,
The fork couldn’t think of more wonders.
Sitting down, ordering a plate of spaghetti,
Next table, a fork couple kissed passionately.

Here, the last, landing on Enceladus,
After seeking, lonely life might be a must.
Then the light tap on the shoulder,
The fork blinks eyes, tries to be sober.

That moment, everything clicks,
When the stranger says “hello, gorgeous chopstick”


# inspired by today dinner which I (accidentally) used only chopsticks + Daily Prompt: Fork


Summer, A Moment of Magic

Count the date on the calendar.
Less than a week to go to the sea.
Mojito with too much ice and brown sugar.
Mentally pace with bare feet, in comfy tee.

Offshore breeze, laundry, and barbecue,
Summer sweetens also humoresque and morning dew!

Count the roses, lie in the garden.
Less than them are only clear night stars.
Mom makes all the faves in the kitchen.
Mention that dad’s about to start the car!

Of all the time in a whole year, summer
Magic countlessly makes me wonder.

# For: the realization of personal fond about summertime + first time trying Acrostic + first glass of Mojito (whoops!) + daily prompt “countless

“I love the first time. I want my whole life to be composed of them. Life is only interesting if life is wide.” – KYD


It’s Your Lucky Day

The sky is so blue today.
Gentle wind murmurs. Early summer flowers sway.
Crystal sea, if we stand at the dock of the bay.
I’ll say,
Jump! and swim to where your heart prays.

Do you see it’s today.
Golden sun tunes all the moons to cocoon your dream way.
Fresh snow, if we sit at the top of the sleigh.
I’ll say,
Shoot! and fly to where your desire stays.

it can be any day.
Summer, fall, spring, frost; keep their finger’s crossed as always.
Any time, if we do, not we may.
I’ll say,
everyday is your lucky day.


# Small celebration for feeling of competence after the long lost time.  

I hope you all feel everyday is your lucky day too:)

Photo: summer trip at Krabi, Thailand

Wall in Heart

The beautiful white brick dream house
  Is built on a beach of white sand.
Nothing, but stars and seabirds sing,
  Is luxury of faraway land.
The freedom and peacefulness
  Leisurely bind my heart and hands.
When the thick brick wall is space,
  It’s too hard to make one understand.
The escape from isolated paradise,
  I wonder only your love can. 


Daily prompt: Brick

Cough Syrup Is Always Too Sweet


Cough syrup is always too sweet.
I stare at ceiling, grit my teeth.
The night is so long when can’t sleep.
Another dry one makes me leap.

Cough syrup is always too sweet.
I am bored to count my heartbeats.
Then the weight shifts down on the sheet.
I feel your body and the heat.

Cough syrup is always too sweet.
I shake head, don’t need any treats.
You smile, whisper “try this, please?”
I smile, reply “what it is?”

The warm lips take my breath. It defeats.
Cough syrup is always too sweet.


#staring at ceiling, insomnia night (2016.05.14)