The Life Tourist

Let’s be a life tourist,

Mull over where to visit
And possibilities.

Pack, prepare, and be fitted
For journeys.

Joy is committed but with

Be curious like a kid,
Be flexible with a different society.

Known by heart what is missed
Would come back, too rarely.

Travel life likes this is a time of last kiss
Make it meaningfully, memorably, passionately.


Daily Prompt: Tourist

The Accurate Prophecy

A piece of prophecy
Is passing before eyes.
This longing reverie
Should be real, I decide.
Beautiful destiny
Needs efforts to supply.
After all, the journey
Is the thing to define.
Accurate prophecy
Is a chance with a try.


# Have you ever seen the prospect life opportunity? I do. I feel like I just happen to see the prophecy, the very good one. I already applied for it and have to wait for result. 

I hope I get this scholarship, and be able to prove that the accurate prophecy for desirable future could be written by determination and work.

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A Health is a Wealth

A health is a wealth.
Its power is a spell.
Wishes’ safe shelter.
Any stars of desires
Are possible adventures.

An ill is a kill.
Its power is against will.
Sinking like stones.
Even all stars are shone,
I just ask for intact bones.


# Tanka for the second sickness in this year. Castastrophe seems to be more vivid in this delirium. I wonder my body want to be a fortune-teller for something. 

Anyway, I wait to be healthy again and I hope I can live smarter rather than just be blindly hard-working. I wish you all health too.

The Worst Voyage of Saving Soul

Bon voyage, my babies.
Sail self-esteem to the hidden sea.
Thus, this ghost could not distort inner me,
Even though its shell would never be free.

Load the ship with my past happiness
Immediately during this crusade.
Although nothing lefts but the lifelessness,
Joy may survive to derive after the darkness.

Then hide in a missile, my ambition,
Fire it out to space to rest at Titan.
Hope for a next reincarnation,
Reincorporate all pieces back to one.

Bon voyage, all babies.
And I forget why to live, entirely.


Daily Prompt: Voyage

The Companion

You are nor the best,
Neither the smartest.
But you are always here
When I’ve lost the liveliness.

I hurt you many times
With words and unconcerns.
Sometimes I just forget you
And fly in the sky I yearn.

But you are still here
And take care of my wound,
listen my despairing,
Or rambling over the moon.

In this dark long tunnel,
I am dying, suffocating,
It’s like a hell
Except you are staying.

Some days you may see this, but
I just want future me to remind
How you stand and help. Being kind.
I hope we are friends until die.


# For my best friend. This is the darkest state I have lived so far. Thanks for everything you have done, and want to do for me. And that promise means so much to me even I will not say a single word about it. This is such a selfish heart but I hope you are my lifetime best friend.

# Daily Prompt: Companion

AimLess Life

Breath in, breath out.
Wake up slow in the morning.
Dress impeccably and go out
For brunch in the ocean wing.

Work one or two
Things that fill the heart to full.
These works others can’t do
Or find from any schools.

Breath in, breath out
While exercising under the orange glow.
Have dinner, listen about
The happy day of another soul.

Write one or two
Poetry about the stars,
Or sometimes just about you,
Oftentimes about imaginary scars.

Breath in, breath out
Before thousands thread sheet overwhelms.
Think about this seem-to-be aimless life’s doubt,
Isn’t it a life with less but concentrated aims?


Daily Prompt: Aimless

A Soulbird Song

Open a window for a morning.
A songbird sings “Hello, darling. How are you?”
Follow the blue sky out of sight.
Open a window for a morning
Light. Take a deep breath. Smile.
Appreciate those questions in the eyes. While
Open a window for a morning,
With a songbird, sing “Hello, darling. How are we?”

Open a window for a morning. Rain.
“Are you all right?” the same bird sings behind the wet pane.
The tears and clouds swoop down once again.
Open a window for a morning rain.
Keep listening. Be present.
Keep loving. Be contented.
Open a window for a morning rain.
“Life is going to be all right” a soulbird sings despite the pains.


# Daily Prompt: Open