When Soulmate Strikes

Is it like vice-like
Feeling when soulmate strikes
Into this lone life?
Is it pretty fast like a
Knife stabs fully inside?

Or it’s otherwise
Like you’re always by my side.
I can’t recognize
How it changes my days and nights.
But I… never feel this right.


Daily Prompt: Vice

Four Kisses a Day

Every morning,
Imagine the soft kisses.
The first one on your lips
Mumbles greeting for the day.

If drowsiness creeps in,
The second one brushes it away.
It tries its best to say
Wake up and have a good day.

The third whispers – I believe in you.
And whatever you have to do today,
Just do you best.
Everything is going to be okay.

In all the evenings,
When you come back from your long way.
My forth one waits and stays
To tell I love who you choose to be, always.


# Wish everyone a beautiful wake-up and a wonderful day:)

A Graduate’s Apology (If I Can Make It, Finally)

If this is my fifth time of graduation ceremony,
It is mine finally.
I used to think when my time came,
I would not like others, pouring apologies.
Because I would do my best
And always work enthusiastically.
But at one night in the middle, I realized
That I couldn’t go away with single sorry.

There was a smallest thing like
I forgot to turn off the light.
Sometimes, I came to lab late
Because insomnia at night.
There were huge things such as
My answers were neither direct nor right
On the stage of conference
Under many professors’ sights.

I felt despair
And fixed problems stupidly.
I thought no one cared
Which ruined everything, buried me in agony.
But at the third year darkest night,
I asked for help, told my story.
The wound started to be cure
And the process to heal started gradually, magically.

From all these years, if I could go for one mistake only,
I’m deeply sorry to think you would not understand me.


Daily Prompt: Mistake

If I Live Until Fifty

If I’m lucky enough to live until fifty,
I hope I’m not a soulless body.
I won’t be a soulless body.

I know some abilities will falter
But fifty is not that factor.
Ambition is what it matters.

I want to see myself at fifty
As someone who grows old gracefully,
Keeps smiling and being healthy.

I hope my dreams are fierce and strong.
I hope I help places where I belong,
Have beloved people to share good times and life songs.

Let’s live life to the fullest, be happy,
Face the world with kindness and sympathy,
If I’m lucky enough to live until fifty.


# Daily Prompt: Fifty

Falling Right Has to Pass This Heartbreak

Falling fast is a privilege of youth.
Falling right has to pass some heartbreaks.
To deny and open eyes for the truth.
Falling fast is a privilege of youth.
Though I’m dead at second your smile shooted,
This’s going to end with tears and heart bruise.
I’m sorry. Let me prevent a mistake.
Falling fast is a privilege of youth.
Falling right has to pass this heartbreak.


Daily Prompt: Youth
# I missed writing a triolet