A Price of Personal Space

I walked by the street lamplights.
The loneliness was cold,
Caught my hands in summer tonight.
In the crowd, one was frozen soul.

Going back to hotel, I tried
To melt inside with white thin sheet.
Drifting to the place that I
Was warmed by a person I don’t know how to meet.

I woke by the strong sunlight.
The breeze was cool.
I suddenly changed a plan in mind
Just because the clouds were beautiful.

Going out to city for travel.
It’s so fun with own pace and style.
The comfort of freedom unravelled,
This room was for a bigger smile.

The price of space is expensive,
In either way I choose to receive.


# Tokyo Trip
This street is charming with old styled lamps. I fall in love with summer night, again, but this time with a drop of unexpected solemness.

Photo: Shinagawa walking street, Tokyo.


2 thoughts on “A Price of Personal Space

    1. Definitely yes. Thanks for asking. In my opinion, we all have a personal space. Having someone close in this space is absolutely warm and nice, but freedom is deprived. Having no one is probably lonely, but being free is a great joy of life. Either way we choose, we have to lose something in some degrees. But it is not a right/wrong thing here. People can choose to be whatever they want to be.

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