A Heart Shot

It’s warm and nice, right here, in your arms.
I looked up at your face, you scared.
What happened, baby? I looked down.
It was blood, blood, blood everywhere.

It’s not hurt but it’s hard to resist
Heavy eyelids. I wanted to rest.
But you said don’t, don’t, with kisses.
Keeping me drifting to space.

It’s so far and like a chaos
Around me and my inner thought.
I breathed in, breathed in, your sweet scent,
Nowhere’s more perfect place if I’m lost.

Stay with me, you stumbled, I trembled.
I love you, love you too, in the air.
To awake was beyond capable.
I didn’t want to go, I sweared.

At the point, we had to pull apart.
Let me ask the last thing only?
You promised, anything, everything, my baby.
I whispered please, please don’t wait for me.


# The sweet nightmare at 6:30 AM.

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