Spirit Anthem (Rock!)

Don’t be dead, don’t be dead, don’t be dead.
Let’s enjoy doing this humoresque.
Stand tall. Pace with grace. Heave our chests.
Tint cheeks with some reds. Look! That’s great!

Wear items of classic and timeless.
No, it’s not Ray-ban sunglasses. (why!?)
Let’s put on attention and kindness.
Don’t be like those people that’s heartless.

No one knows that we’re force of ghost. 
Yes, make-up rips us off heavy costs! (oh..)
But we truly care our folks,
How others detect our lives’ losts?

Don’t be dead. Let’s crack out our graves.
Chant this song with one more our ghost wave! (yes!)
Raid cities with smile like a brave.
There are so many lives we can save.

Don’t forget a few things to behave
Like blink eyes and lift feet from the pave!

Yesterday’s daily prompt: ghost

# Not so sure I can write it as funny (with a sprinkle of sarcasm) as I want. Anyway, I hope you get a sense of ghost rock music  poetry (?) here!

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