A Graduate’s Apology (If I Can Make It, Finally)

If this is my fifth time of graduation ceremony,
It is mine finally.
I used to think when my time came,
I would not like others, pouring apologies.
Because I would do my best
And always work enthusiastically.
But at one night in the middle, I realized
That I couldn’t go away with single sorry.

There was a smallest thing like
I forgot to turn off the light.
Sometimes, I came to lab late
Because insomnia at night.
There were huge things such as
My answers were neither direct nor right
On the stage of conference
Under many professors’ sights.

I felt despair
And fixed problems stupidly.
I thought no one cared
Which ruined everything, buried me in agony.
But at the third year darkest night,
I asked for help, told my story.
The wound started to be cure
And the process to heal started gradually, magically.

From all these years, if I could go for one mistake only,
I’m deeply sorry to think you would not understand me.


Daily Prompt: Mistake

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