Morning light and night stars.
, who know what I want.
umbers, real and imaginary.
love solving math and dreaming poetries.
om, dad, my sisters, and all beloved-er.
rts and sciences that make life happier.
ove, love, love and you.
n any adventures, we will together go through.
mile, smart, strong health and heart.
ime with no regrets when it’s not last.


# Acrostic

The Unfinished Answer

Life is unfinished.
Lifetime is for furnishing
With too many things.
Growing is refurnishing,
Fixing, mending heartbreakings,
Finding whatever
People say it is better.
Stress and clutter.
How to be relax player,
I die to know the answer.


Tanka x 2
Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Life Dilemma is Like…

Life dilemma is not always like a monster sea
Where we can plan to sail through carefully.
Nor it is smelly like poisonous ivy
Which we avoid to go near, definitely.
Sometimes, it comes in the form
Of sweet summer honey.
Too late to know when jumping,
How it is so messy, sticky.
Life dilemma is like the calm sea
Before the storms of unexpected tragedies.


Daily Prompt: Dilemma

The Old Smile

Throwback photograph;
A sunny day at Marktplatz,
Hot frites from paper cone,
I curved above the smile of my own.

I so miss you
And the moment that sunlights could seep through
My mind.
I’m instantly blind
By the happiness the previous life shines.


# Looking at last year trip photo in Belgium, I just realize how I fond of one funny photo which I curved the fries above my smile. I could see the simple happiness bursted under the afternoon sun rays, and I missed that moment:)

Autumn Pumpkin

Autumn is around the corner;
The sweet apple pie scent in the air,
Marron glaće Mont Blanc,
Pumpkin, pumpkin everywhere!

In bakes, in cakes, in creams
But in the dream, I am unprepared.
Could this year’s seasonal tastes compare
To you who are the one in there?


# かぼちゃパフェ (大戸屋) – My pumpkin parfait after dinner today. Grilled pumpkin cubes were surprisingly good. All was a nice combination but I started to feel a bit cold eating ice cream at this time of the year.

Waiting For You

If we belonged to each other,
We would end up together.
I stare at the moon and ponder
Every night, you might be my life partner.

If we lived in the alternate universe,
It would be easier to let feelings burst.
I would say my heart senses since the first
How you might be the answer of the search.

If we belonged together, not to the others,
The right time would come, no wonders.
Is it stupid to be this kind of believer?
But don’t we want someone who never wavers?

Obviously, we have lived in this universe.
Though, it’s hard and I feel very hurt.
Tonight, I stare at stars and immerse
The feeling of waiting for love.


Daily Prompt: Together

What I Love is You or Sugar

The sangria recipe of this summer,
I discover you, my perfect sweetener.
The ingredient starts from a few memories.
I add white wine, chopped fruits, and fantasies.
It’s spiced, it’s served the way I like.
Should I surprise it tastes so right?
Doubtly, affection is not what I create,
One-sided imagination I am inebriate.
The real sweet you or all added sugar
I am falling in love so far?


The Goodbye Invitation

Are there twinkle stars in your eyes?
Or the glowing moon in your mind?
How do you make those gentle lights shine
Into where my deepest feeling hides.

Are they all petals on your fingertips?
But the red rose ones seem to be on your lips.
Why your soft touches could snip
My despairs and nightmares in one swift.

Are that like signal in your smiles?
I daydream your love might be mine.
If our fates just once entwine,
I invite my life this beautiful goodbye.

Daily Prompt: Twinkle


# I want to write something cute for this word but it naturally flows in this way lol.

Love at First Sight Might Sound Beautiful

Love at first sight might sound beautiful.
How could it be true? I don’t know who you are?
But at a glance in your eyes, I then knew,
Love at first sight might sound beautiful,
How harmful to be pulled with no clues.
How fearful to be lost in bizarre.
Love at first sight might sound beautiful.
How it could be true, I don’t know who you really are.


# Triolet