Looking up, it’s always one-sided sky
And that’s why I find both days and nights.
The warmth from the sun so far
Takes turn with silver star- and moon- lights.
Beside me, it’s still an empty air,
I’m well-awared all the great height.
But looking up, I know you are there,
In all these nightmares, I start to feel right.
The dream of flying a little higher, nearer,
Comes back with fire to revive.
This new eyes and mindpower
Are not gained to conquer something skylike.
Only waking up to see you some days,
Somehow I’m on the way to a better life.
With all the best of one-sided sight,
My soul finds the angel guide.


On the wrong way, in the wrong hands

Between too close words, there is
A huge misunderstanding.
I’ve found being kind is not exactly being caring.
He just gives only upon asking.

Enthusiasm is not rather about speed
Than unceasing positive thoughts and actions.
It is not to reveal some short greeds
But to keep working on inside lifetime passions.

Between two close words, there was
My distorted understanding.
I was burned in wrong way devoting,
He let me have a long leaving.

Somewhere in the world, my confusing soul is redefining
New concept for second living.

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

A Love Pain Remains by Good Life

Mooning can be stopped,
Heartbreaking can be short.
Daydreaming doesn’t love to stay,
All those inner pains slip away.
When at night, no shelters to sleep
All day long has nothing to eat.
When too few scarce life heat
Can’t be protected from winter breeze.

If we have someone to miss,
Don’t that be something to cherish?
As the time is the most valuable thing,
Million people fight now for their livings.
But we can just keep thinking
And feel hurt along the love songs we sing.
Thanks for beautiful pains that can remain under our skins
Because good lives enough we are all in.