Dear (Not) Friend

You are a good friend
For all those people, right?
They always ask you
For life advice?
I believed and handed over
My fragile pieces.
You laughed over and gave
Some cheap speeches.

My dear best friend
You remember your promise, right?
I was tortured
To find your bright side.
At least, I got the lesson
To trust carefully.
Waiting for real actions
Rather than verbal honey.

You are a good friend
For many people, right.
Probably, we just
Don’t have compatible vibes.
I will be a fool
For you the last time.
Even forever ceases,
I will not turn off this alarm.

# 93

Don’t Cry 「泣かないで」

Heart, please cry no more.
As feelings can’t be let go
To evaporate.


# 88 I will not cry anymore.


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I’m so amateur for this. If you have any advice, correction, comment, please please tell me (for both Japanese and English). I will appreciate it very much.

2017 Resolution

Sense and do what the voice says I should,
I believe innate heart knows what’s good.
Let go fears of losing outer things,
Focus on how to be better Human being.

Brave to grow with life Responsibilities,
Take care thoughts and Actions Positively.
As nothing’s darker than no one understanding,
I won’t Hurt other people’ feelings.

Value time and right now opportunities,
Nurture inner Happiness and this body.
2017, I’m Committing
To make the life version I’m loving.


(SHARP – senseful, humane, active, responsible, present)

Happy New Year – Thanks You All for Being Here:)

Hello! it’s January 1st, 2017!!!!

I would like to thanks everyone who read, liked, and commented my poetries in the last year. I got the notification of 1000 likes a few days before today. It is a surprising and wonderful gift for me! Thank you so much.


I started this blog around March-April 2016. At first, I didn’t really know what to post but I just finished a short course about poetry writing and I really wanted to implement it. I got some likes despite my skill is very newbie which I have to say all of you from that time makes me stay and keep writing more poems. You guys are so encouraging and kind. Shortly, I also found that writing poetry can mend my soul in some way. I feel happier and worthier because I could transform pain, darkness, whatever I had encountered to be something more beautiful. Life is not that bad because I can create something someone read and like and I love them. Something that one does without wanting anything back will return the most valuable things beyond imagination and for me, it is learning and writing poetry.

Thank you everyone again! Wishing you all health, happiness, love and everything your heart positively desire.

Pwin Tana