Afterbright Afterlife

Here is so dark but I don’t fear.
I’d lived in brightness but I didn’t know.
The pillars were all strong, yet I was so scared.
Its safeness turned my bones and blood cold.

I jumped out from the castle in the depth.
Nothing to lose but I wasn’t dead.
Slowly standing up at the bottom,
I have a freedom as a crown of head.

Here is dark but I feel aliveness.
Every steps are risks to fall.
Hence, every drop of soul is extracted out.
This life, I own it all.

# 98


It’s so odd; strolling into this feeling
With eyes open, heart beats normally.
Knowingly, it might be you.

It’s like February 13.
Tomorrow is Valentine’s.
But it’s still not mine, this time.

It contradicts; being certain with doubt.
Wanting to ask everything;
Stars, roses petal counting.

But nothing can answer
Better than me.
Yet, are we?

If a Heart is Underwater

Going to learn crafting his armor
At the palace underwater.
Every breaths, human is suffered,
It’s so close to a point of surrender.
But one mermaid creature,
The prince comes back, never.

The scary story of royal brother,
This is her first time in the water.
Nothing seems like a danger.
What’s shining at that far corner?
One kind merman creature,
The princess goes, forever.

# 96

Daily Prompt: Craft

A Moment Into Love

A moment when another soul’s eyes
Shine the answer of searching,
The winter sky is still simple blue
And the wind doesn’t sing.

A hint just once went to heart,
It lasts without wavering.
From summer through autumn,
Like my mind waits for some known things.

Today’s moment when your eyes
Smiled into my deepest feeling,
I don’t resist if it’s you
For my every future springs.

# 94