A Crescent Moon

Waning crescent moon,
Feelings of apart lovers
Pack its shadow tight.

# 118 for the crescent moon tonight

Summer Snow

Is it possible
To keep delicate snow;
Love which can’t be hold?

But last drop melted in summer,
I can’t pray to thank enough.

# 117 – rewrite
Photo: Summer Snow, Kyoto Botanical Garden
Inspired by: 蛍火の杜へ & 今日は会社休みます

Uncontrolled Beautiful Little Things

Early summer, wisteria curtains sway.
The breeze rhymes perfectly while the sun rays.
Birds chirps around, children run and play.
To past love, the mind calmly drifts away.
Uncontrollable little things are making more beautiful day.


Daily prompt: control
Place: A super sunny sunday at 上下水道局 鳥羽水環境保全センター, Kyoto, Japan