2017 Resolution

Sense and do what the voice says I should,
I believe innate heart knows what’s good.
Let go fears of losing outer things,
Focus on how to be better Human being.

Brave to grow with life Responsibilities,
Take care thoughts and Actions Positively.
As nothing’s darker than no one understanding,
I won’t Hurt other people’ feelings.

Value time and right now opportunities,
Nurture inner Happiness and this body.
2017, I’m Committing
To make the life version I’m loving.


(SHARP – senseful, humane, active, responsible, present)

Happy New Year – Thanks You All for Being Here:)

Hello! it’s January 1st, 2017!!!!

I would like to thanks everyone who read, liked, and commented my poetries in the last year. I got the notification of 1000 likes a few days before today. It is a surprising and wonderful gift for me! Thank you so much.


I started this blog around March-April 2016. At first, I didn’t really know what to post but I just finished a short course about poetry writing and I really wanted to implement it. I got some likes despite my skill is very newbie which I have to say all of you from that time makes me stay and keep writing more poems. You guys are so encouraging and kind. Shortly, I also found that writing poetry can mend my soul in some way. I feel happier and worthier because I could transform pain, darkness, whatever I had encountered to be something more beautiful. Life is not that bad because I can create something someone read and like and I love them. Something that one does without wanting anything back will return the most valuable things beyond imagination and for me, it is learning and writing poetry.

Thank you everyone again! Wishing you all health, happiness, love and everything your heart positively desire.

Pwin Tana

My Favorite Dish

It’s neither tenderloin and foie gras
Of medium perfect cooking,
Nor a fresh lobster from Alaska,
Ten minutes before living.
Warm chicken soup, when I’m far
From home, is all I’m craving.
Who needs the salt from Himalaya,
Family sharing is great seasoning.
Can three Michelin Stars
Cure the scar of heartbreaking?
My loveliest dishes are
Simmered with dad and mom’s caring.


Daily Prompt: Craving

# First time foie gras experience a few days ago + third time being sick in this year but too far to have mom’s cooking + Going to have chicken soup (by myself) tomorrow.

A Price of Personal Space

I walked by the street lamplights.
The loneliness was cold,
Caught my hands in summer tonight.
In the crowd, one was frozen soul.

Going back to hotel, I tried
To melt inside with white thin sheet.
Drifting to the place that I
Was warmed by a person I don’t know how to meet.

I woke by the strong sunlight.
The breeze was cool.
I suddenly changed a plan in mind
Just because the clouds were beautiful.

Going out to city for travel.
It’s so fun with own pace and style.
The comfort of freedom unravelled,
This room was for a bigger smile.

The price of space is expensive,
In either way I choose to receive.


# Tokyo Trip
This street is charming with old styled lamps. I fall in love with summer night, again, but this time with a drop of unexpected solemness.

Photo: Shinagawa walking street, Tokyo.

Unloved Apology

I’m sorry to smile
Without any replies.
I turn off our Line
And every noti signs.
I know you are caring
But it’s suffocating.
The world seems running
Out of air for breathing.
Forgive me for
Don’t walk into your open door.
Rushing to the far shore,
I fear when your feelings pour.
I’m absolutely sad
And feel I’m very bad.
How much guilt one has had,
When you go and I’m glad.
This’s my formal apology
For not being mannerly.
However, I’m not sorry
To never return yours evenly.


Daily Prompt: Apology

When Breath Becomes Air

When last breath becomes air approaches,
The priorities of things are declared
And beauties of simple surroundings
Are too intense to bare.

When last breath becomes air’s diagnosed,
Why meaning of life could be chosen
And pursued what is needed most
When bodies are going to loss?

The day that last breath becomes air
Is common we all people share.
Why to wait cancer or disease
Signifies urgency of to care.

If the last breath is tomorrow
Should it be in the life we borrow?
Does it feel shallow or hollow?
Is moment overwhelmed by sorrow?

The second of last air is unknown
Don’t keep love within and alone.
Answer of existence, don’t postpone.
Before life has left only bones.


# Dedicate for the meaningful piece of art about life of Paul Kalanithi, his memoir “When Breath Becomes Air”. I finished it last night, cried my eyes out. I moaned for the world’s losses about his understanding of life and death, his neurosurgical skill and his compassion towards patients. Imagine how many people he could save if he was alive.

I cannot write a line summary here as  death does not have a pinpoint but it absolutely is a process to feel and understand. However, one thing I can tell from this reading is there is no books can draw the asymtote to the answer for life existence better than a story of a good one who had to be gone away.

My world spins around reading and writing

I tried to write a poem that stuck in my head for a few days about why we should travelling now. As I had very interesting discussion with my mom about everything, places and our mind, changes. Then, the earlier we can see, the earlier we can learn. Our perspectives can be broaden sooner and everything seems more fascinating when we were young too, right?

Today, I planned to sleep at midnight. But the story I am reading is too far good. I know since the first chapter that I am absolutely in trouble with sleeping time again tonight. After 4 chapters, I forced myself to go to bed but allowed about 10 minutes to do this blogging. Reading is so captivating. It makes me feel good, feel right, feel living in the alternate universe but feel neither wrong nor lonely. It drives my ability to write. Look, I can describe so long about the concept of poem I thought and could not finish two days ago plus today’s reading story.

I take poetry workshop right now. It’s so fun! I also think that poet is one of very few jobs that the madder one is, the better piece of work one can create. This is so tempting (to be allowed to be mad at work lol) but not only my skill is so poor, the poet seems always to have very tragic life which I don’t want that. Thank you.

So, good night for now. I have to wait until tomorrow night to have time to read. But that is okay. I’m glad I finally step back into reading/writing before bed routine again. I want to note here that if one day it is so sad and desparate, just go reading. It can definitely wrap my broken soul with warmth and kindness.