Morning light and night stars.
, who know what I want.
umbers, real and imaginary.
love solving math and dreaming poetries.
om, dad, my sisters, and all beloved-er.
rts and sciences that make life happier.
ove, love, love and you.
n any adventures, we will together go through.
mile, smart, strong health and heart.
ime with no regrets when it’s not last.


# Acrostic

Summer, A Moment of Magic

Count the date on the calendar.
Less than a week to go to the sea.
Mojito with too much ice and brown sugar.
Mentally pace with bare feet, in comfy tee.

Offshore breeze, laundry, and barbecue,
Summer sweetens also humoresque and morning dew!

Count the roses, lie in the garden.
Less than them are only clear night stars.
Mom makes all the faves in the kitchen.
Mention that dad’s about to start the car!

Of all the time in a whole year, summer
Magic countlessly makes me wonder.

# For: the realization of personal fond about summertime + first time trying Acrostic + first glass of Mojito (whoops!) + daily prompt “countless

“I love the first time. I want my whole life to be composed of them. Life is only interesting if life is wide.” – KYD