The Birthday Gift – 17.01.17

My world is small, covered with a cloud of silence,
Layered by feelings which are unspoken.
I’m grateful for every you who have visited
And spent time to like my innest.
This year’s birthday, Nothing I appreciate
More than you who choose to stayed with love and faith.

# 91 My Birthday:)

2017 Resolution

Sense and do what the voice says I should,
I believe innate heart knows what’s good.
Let go fears of losing outer things,
Focus on how to be better Human being.

Brave to grow with life Responsibilities,
Take care thoughts and Actions Positively.
As nothing’s darker than no one understanding,
I won’t Hurt other people’ feelings.

Value time and right now opportunities,
Nurture inner Happiness and this body.
2017, I’m Committing
To make the life version I’m loving.


(SHARP – senseful, humane, active, responsible, present)

A Love Pain Remains by Good Life

Mooning can be stopped,
Heartbreaking can be short.
Daydreaming doesn’t love to stay,
All those inner pains slip away.
When at night, no shelters to sleep
All day long has nothing to eat.
When too few scarce life heat
Can’t be protected from winter breeze.

If we have someone to miss,
Don’t that be something to cherish?
As the time is the most valuable thing,
Million people fight now for their livings.
But we can just keep thinking
And feel hurt along the love songs we sing.
Thanks for beautiful pains that can remain under our skins
Because good lives enough we are all in.


To Dad and Mom

In storms of strong winds, in storms of stark waves,
In this world, dad and mom are angels who save.
Sometimes, an only shelter looks so similar to a grave,
Your loves remind me why to brave.

I wonder how you are so calm,
I’m always so stupid with false alarms.
All around, they are too many harms,
It’s too lonely without your arms.

But if I didn’t wake up to fight tomorrow,
I had drown us in unforgiven eternal sorrows.
I promise I won’t leave our lives that kind of hollows,
I do my best to fulfill good wills and soul.

If I live, I will have lots of chances
With you, to share carings and happinesses.
For a time of tears and weaknesses,
I will win them with your kind blesses.

In the waves of wind or of sea,
I’m crying many times, I’m sorry.
But the world of brave, and safe, I will be,
Because you two have loved me.



Between ribcages, there’s a hollow
Of, once, where poetries were composed.
The numb hand has no words;
Every yesterdays become just blank papers.
The beauties in the eyes
Have no further meaning or hidden advice.
I should write a better love poetry
But the snatcher is not a reality.
It has no more heartfelt verses
In this unrecovered emptiness.

The Old Smile

Throwback photograph;
A sunny day at Marktplatz,
Hot frites from paper cone,
I curved above the smile of my own.

I so miss you
And the moment that sunlights could seep through
My mind.
I’m instantly blind
By the happiness the previous life shines.


# Looking at last year trip photo in Belgium, I just realize how I fond of one funny photo which I curved the fries above my smile. I could see the simple happiness bursted under the afternoon sun rays, and I missed that moment:)

What I Love is You or Sugar

The sangria recipe of this summer,
I discover you, my perfect sweetener.
The ingredient starts from a few memories.
I add white wine, chopped fruits, and fantasies.
It’s spiced, it’s served the way I like.
Should I surprise it tastes so right?
Doubtly, affection is not what I create,
One-sided imagination I am inebriate.
The real sweet you or all added sugar
I am falling in love so far?