What Is Mine Will Come Back To Me

I used to be afraid of sunset;
I hesitated to finish this hundredth poetry.
Like the ending was reaching.
It might be no mornings nor next stories.
I did not want you to go,
My soul cried for lost painfully.
But I start to be enough old,
Something is met to let go, finally.
Good time is always too short.
Live with what that is got wholeheartedly.
Sunrise will come,
A new day with another same sun’s beauty.
Love above, and destiny
Will bring back what is mine to me.

# 100th

# I submitted my 99th for a contest:)

# photo: A way to heaven – Chuo shokudou, Kyoto University 

A Real Surprise

I can’t suppress reflex greeting smile,
Warm and bright like we met every day.
My mind is far from surprise,
As every night, in my dream, you stayed.
But I get the big surprise
From exactly same smile you convey.
Something strikes
If we might feel all the time the same way.

# 89

For Your Eyes (but They’re Not my Missing Destiny)

I don’t know why but I missed your eyes.
The way they’re kind is too hard to find.
But we’re too far like two skies.
There’s no way to see twice.
Until today, the world conspired.
I opened door, it was you behind.

I wonder why nothing’s in my memory,
Except your eyes, I recognized immediately.
It’s not my heart but you touched closely,
Sliced that part deeply, carefully.
I don’t like you. It’s just your eyes (and maybe smile), obviously.
More than certain, this’s what you do to everybody.

I don’t want to cross danger line but my poetry
Keeps whispering the missing word is destiny.


# My fiftieth. For your eyes. Surprisingly