Beautiful Pieces of Pains

All the saints I’m around turn to grey.

Their black eyes just stare and slay

My hope into dusty powders.

With teardrops, they’re falling together.

But the nature’s mercy

Brushes up each pain carefully.

Every invisible pieces of heart on the ground

Are transformed into jewels of red, star, yellow, crown.

I realize the world suddenly

Blesses every sad soul secretly,

With colorful lessons to appreciate,

With the never-dying faith.

A Love Pain Remains by Good Life

Mooning can be stopped,
Heartbreaking can be short.
Daydreaming doesn’t love to stay,
All those inner pains slip away.
When at night, no shelters to sleep
All day long has nothing to eat.
When too few scarce life heat
Can’t be protected from winter breeze.

If we have someone to miss,
Don’t that be something to cherish?
As the time is the most valuable thing,
Million people fight now for their livings.
But we can just keep thinking
And feel hurt along the love songs we sing.
Thanks for beautiful pains that can remain under our skins
Because good lives enough we are all in.


The Darkest Hole

The gigantic big black hole I have ever seen.
I try and try to leap away lately.
The gap between I know things so many
But, in the world, I am unable to do good any.

The gigantic big black crack I have ever fallen.
It’s the darkest, I am hearing the silence.
Will the sky, warm sunshine and confidence
Come back and survive in this soul broken?

“The gigantic big black hole I could ever cross”
This dream phrase engraves in my thought.
Because it’s only either jumping across or eternal remorse
Of the too young exhausted life loss.


Four Kisses a Day

Every morning,
Imagine the soft kisses.
The first one on your lips
Mumbles greeting for the day.

If drowsiness creeps in,
The second one brushes it away.
It tries its best to say
Wake up and have a good day.

The third whispers – I believe in you.
And whatever you have to do today,
Just do you best.
Everything is going to be okay.

In all the evenings,
When you come back from your long way.
My forth one waits and stays
To tell I love who you choose to be, always.


# Wish everyone a beautiful wake-up and a wonderful day:)

Thought of Life in Firework Night

When the stars burst the starbursts
Across endlessly dark sky.
All the way with countless losts
Appears how it’s worth those tries.
The firework is the fire works,
Aesthetic light imprints mind.
Though the breeze dusts the last stardust,
The perception never dies.


# I thought of life in firework night. It’s one of a kind positive vibe I hope it lasts.
Photo: Minato Kobe Firework Festival 2016, Kobe, Japan (6 Aug 2016)

My Mindmake Miserable Mask

Unconsciously, my hands craft a beautiful miserable mask.

  Fingertips slip a piece of art to cover a frail heart.

Its shadow encourages a masquerade to believe that a task

  Is beyond bearable because of the external parts.

Time goes by, blinds the significant ask

  That all sadnesses are real or gangs of guards.

To avoid the fear of going in the dark

  Or playing when life has all poor cards.

Consciously, my hands take out the miserable mask

  And start living with beauty of truth and brave heart.


# A glimpse of Adler’s psychology concept from 嫌われる勇気

The Midyear is Still a Long Way to Go

Wake up in the first of July,
Realize that the first half year had died.
Like jerking in the mid of the air,
Fall upon from now on is nightmares.
A sweat dripping down on surface
Of the heart that panics how to race.
All around, everyone doesn’t care.
They have run so far and get there.

But you can, you can, and you can.
Close your eyes, listen your soul chants.
In the dark, you will hear clear whisper
“This’s so far from being surrender.”
Start now and go to direction
That ignites your alive intentions.
Galvanize this precious six months,
The next toast’s for how far you can run.


# 50% of this year was already gone. But I hope we all don’t be discouraged by whatever it’s happened in the first half year. It is still a long way to go for 2016. Shall we brush up some hinder resolutions and go for them again?

The Accurate Prophecy

A piece of prophecy
Is passing before eyes.
This longing reverie
Should be real, I decide.
Beautiful destiny
Needs efforts to supply.
After all, the journey
Is the thing to define.
Accurate prophecy
Is a chance with a try.


# Have you ever seen the prospect life opportunity? I do. I feel like I just happen to see the prophecy, the very good one. I already applied for it and have to wait for result. 

I hope I get this scholarship, and be able to prove that the accurate prophecy for desirable future could be written by determination and work.

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A Soulbird Song

Open a window for a morning.
A songbird sings “Hello, darling. How are you?”
Follow the blue sky out of sight.
Open a window for a morning
Light. Take a deep breath. Smile.
Appreciate those questions in the eyes. While
Open a window for a morning,
With a songbird, sing “Hello, darling. How are we?”

Open a window for a morning. Rain.
“Are you all right?” the same bird sings behind the wet pane.
The tears and clouds swoop down once again.
Open a window for a morning rain.
Keep listening. Be present.
Keep loving. Be contented.
Open a window for a morning rain.
“Life is going to be all right” a soulbird sings despite the pains.


# Daily Prompt: Open