Life is Short, Kiss the Rose

I can spend forever to trace
These soft delicate rosy curves.
My eyes are lost in this lovely shape,
Yours is craft created by nature.
My fingers can’t keep in proper place
To trail in front grace, tender.
My lips close the space
And your kiss back stills the earth.

Daily Post prompt : Trace
Last Sunday at Kyoto botanical garden, Kyoto

Uncontrolled Beautiful Little Things

Early summer, wisteria curtains sway.
The breeze rhymes perfectly while the sun rays.
Birds chirps around, children run and play.
To past love, the mind calmly drifts away.
Uncontrollable little things are making more beautiful day.


Daily prompt: control
Place: A super sunny sunday at 上下水道局 鳥羽水環境保全センター, Kyoto, Japan

The Only Way I Control Love

I used to be sad
To realize how we can’t control love.
All time travel, if we had,
Couldn’t make us have someone’s love.

But I’m now so glad
To learn that is not at all true.
All time travel, if I had,
I would choose to fall in love with you.

Another last piece for you
Place: MINT at night, Osaka, Japan

The Promise of Baby Tulip


won’t be seized by the fear of others
shooting up into the same sky.

won’t be withered even though
those taller shadows turn me blind. 

won’t give up, again, when winter
hunts my hope, makes me cry. I won’t die. 

now know, happiness’s like sunlight
success’s like the air, it’s the share, all desires.

now see, the sky’s also mine.
Keep dreaming, keep growing, one more try.


#It was a lovely day at Osaka Expo Park. I felt so free under the sunshine with a lot of beautiful tulips. There were so many things in my head while I was walking there. One of them is tulip is quite late bloomer (in compare to ume and sakura). I could feel the horror of tulip about waking up from a bulb and saw everyone, including tulip friends, had already full bloomed beautifully. 

Because I do. 

All around me is full of someone who is better, cooler, smarter than me. Grad school is always like this. But I guess I realize that is not a reason I should be afraid or run away. Although there are too many people who successes in the similar things before me, I still can be better, too, and I have a full right to have my own achievement. Even if I am the last baby tulip in the field, I am going to bloom, to stand under the spring blue sky and shine in my own way.