Dumpling Drunk Diary

I pretend to be drunk with barley tea,
And fried dumplings beside river.
They are so many couples,
Enjoy their sunday together.
The outers are crispy
But fillings are juicy and tender.
Some people start kissing,
I start munching one after another.
Feel some distance between me
And mature leisure.
How many sundays I will go
Before meeting a true lover?

# 108

Warm Classic Pancake

Let me sleep in this dreamy fluffy tower.
Breath in buttery sweet scent everywhere.
Cover with light icing powder.
Taste, texture are so perfectly prepared.
What the loveliest tender,
Warmest flavor I found there
Is if every breakfast of forever,
I have you to share.


I had these fluffy yummy pancakes at Gram Kyoto Kawaramachi
〒604-8033 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Nakagyō-ku, Narayachō, 河原町通蛸薬師下る 奈良屋町302東側幸楽ビル2F

Original Taste of Love

The soft warm cooked rice
Or freshly baked homemade bread slice,
When you are around in simple days tastes like
The staple I need every morning and night.

The leftovers from too long holidays.
They’re so cold, I don’t know how to say.
Everything is dry, and dull, and all grey
Whenever you have to go away.

The meal with someone I dislike.
Even though, I know its high price,
It’s too hard to swallow every bite.
The taste is same as our angry fights.

And the hot soup in the day of cold weather
Is the purest form of pleasure.
When I look in your eyes, I sense your tender
Love and care, and something forever.

# Daily Prompt: Original


Autumn Pumpkin

Autumn is around the corner;
The sweet apple pie scent in the air,
Marron glaće Mont Blanc,
Pumpkin, pumpkin everywhere!

In bakes, in cakes, in creams
But in the dream, I am unprepared.
Could this year’s seasonal tastes compare
To you who are the one in there?


# かぼちゃパフェ (大戸屋) – My pumpkin parfait after dinner today. Grilled pumpkin cubes were surprisingly good. All was a nice combination but I started to feel a bit cold eating ice cream at this time of the year.

What I Love is You or Sugar

The sangria recipe of this summer,
I discover you, my perfect sweetener.
The ingredient starts from a few memories.
I add white wine, chopped fruits, and fantasies.
It’s spiced, it’s served the way I like.
Should I surprise it tastes so right?
Doubtly, affection is not what I create,
One-sided imagination I am inebriate.
The real sweet you or all added sugar
I am falling in love so far?