Life is Short, Kiss the Rose

I can spend forever to trace
These soft delicate rosy curves.
My eyes are lost in this lovely shape,
Yours is craft created by nature.
My fingers can’t keep in proper place
To trail in front grace, tender.
My lips close the space
And your kiss back stills the earth.

Daily Post prompt : Trace
Last Sunday at Kyoto botanical garden, Kyoto

A Finest Living

Of the sea,
The new shade of blue
Have firstly been seen.

And in the greens,
Hues of mountain trees
Are infinite.

In the silence
Of even
Very limited life.

The finest of living
Is neither less
Nor able to deprived.

# 113 Happy Golden Week!
Place: Ine, sea village, Kyoto, Japan

Dumpling Drunk Diary

I pretend to be drunk with barley tea,
And fried dumplings beside river.
They are so many couples,
Enjoy their sunday together.
The outers are crispy
But fillings are juicy and tender.
Some people start kissing,
I start munching one after another.
Feel some distance between me
And mature leisure.
How many sundays I will go
Before meeting a true lover?

# 108

The Only Way I Control Love

I used to be sad
To realize how we can’t control love.
All time travel, if we had,
Couldn’t make us have someone’s love.

But I’m now so glad
To learn that is not at all true.
All time travel, if I had,
I would choose to fall in love with you.

Another last piece for you
Place: MINT at night, Osaka, Japan

Beloved, Be You

Don’t try to please him,
It won’t be lastly helpful.
Just be happy
In the things you do.
Believe me,
I was there before.
Until, my lively soul
Was left its core.

Don’t try to please him,
Simply be you.
If it goes well,
You know it’s true.
And the future is lovely to go on,
Not as a camouflage.
Real love is going to accept
Your diamond heart.

# 106