Dear (Not) Friend

You are a good friend
For all those people, right?
They always ask you
For life advice?
I believed and handed over
My fragile pieces.
You laughed over and gave
Some cheap speeches.

My dear best friend
You remember your promise, right?
I was tortured
To find your bright side.
At least, I got the lesson
To trust carefully.
Waiting for real actions
Rather than verbal honey.

You are a good friend
For many people, right.
Probably, we just
Don’t have compatible vibes.
I will be a fool
For you the last time.
Even forever ceases,
I will not turn off this alarm.

# 93

The Companion

You are nor the best,
Neither the smartest.
But you are always here
When I’ve lost the liveliness.

I hurt you many times
With words and unconcerns.
Sometimes I just forget you
And fly in the sky I yearn.

But you are still here
And take care of my wound,
listen my despairing,
Or rambling over the moon.

In this dark long tunnel,
I am dying, suffocating,
It’s like a hell
Except you are staying.

Some days you may see this, but
I just want future me to remind
How you stand and help. Being kind.
I hope we are friends until die.


# For my best friend. This is the darkest state I have lived so far. Thanks for everything you have done, and want to do for me. And that promise means so much to me even I will not say a single word about it. This is such a selfish heart but I hope you are my lifetime best friend.

# Daily Prompt: Companion