Dumpling Drunk Diary

I pretend to be drunk with barley tea,
And fried dumplings beside river.
They are so many couples,
Enjoy their sunday together.
The outers are crispy
But fillings are juicy and tender.
Some people start kissing,
I start munching one after another.
Feel some distance between me
And mature leisure.
How many sundays I will go
Before meeting a true lover?

# 108

Spirit Anthem (Rock!)

Don’t be dead, don’t be dead, don’t be dead.
Let’s enjoy doing this humoresque.
Stand tall. Pace with grace. Heave our chests.
Tint cheeks with some reds. Look! That’s great!

Wear items of classic and timeless.
No, it’s not Ray-ban sunglasses. (why!?)
Let’s put on attention and kindness.
Don’t be like those people that’s heartless.

No one knows that we’re force of ghost. 
Yes, make-up rips us off heavy costs! (oh..)
But we truly care our folks,
How others detect our lives’ losts?

Don’t be dead. Let’s crack out our graves.
Chant this song with one more our ghost wave! (yes!)
Raid cities with smile like a brave.
There are so many lives we can save.

Don’t forget a few things to behave
Like blink eyes and lift feet from the pave!

Yesterday’s daily prompt: ghost

# Not so sure I can write it as funny (with a sprinkle of sarcasm) as I want. Anyway, I hope you get a sense of ghost rock music  poetry (?) here!

AimLess Life

Breath in, breath out.
Wake up slow in the morning.
Dress impeccably and go out
For brunch in the ocean wing.

Work one or two
Things that fill the heart to full.
These works others can’t do
Or find from any schools.

Breath in, breath out
While exercising under the orange glow.
Have dinner, listen about
The happy day of another soul.

Write one or two
Poetry about the stars,
Or sometimes just about you,
Oftentimes about imaginary scars.

Breath in, breath out
Before thousands thread sheet overwhelms.
Think about this seem-to-be aimless life’s doubt,
Isn’t it a life with less but concentrated aims?


Daily Prompt: Aimless

A Forkmate Story

The fork was looking for the spoon.
Travelling up to the Saturn moon.

At the first stop at Mars,
The fork went alone to steak bar.
Pairs of knife and fork snogged on the sofas,
The fork’s world was ajar.

At the second rest at Jupiter,
The fork couldn’t think of more wonders.
Sitting down, ordering a plate of spaghetti,
Next table, a fork couple kissed passionately.

Here, the last, landing on Enceladus,
After seeking, lonely life might be a must.
Then the light tap on the shoulder,
The fork blinks eyes, tries to be sober.

That moment, everything clicks,
When the stranger says “hello, gorgeous chopstick”


# inspired by today dinner which I (accidentally) used only chopsticks + Daily Prompt: Fork


Summer, A Moment of Magic

Count the date on the calendar.
Less than a week to go to the sea.
Mojito with too much ice and brown sugar.
Mentally pace with bare feet, in comfy tee.

Offshore breeze, laundry, and barbecue,
Summer sweetens also humoresque and morning dew!

Count the roses, lie in the garden.
Less than them are only clear night stars.
Mom makes all the faves in the kitchen.
Mention that dad’s about to start the car!

Of all the time in a whole year, summer
Magic countlessly makes me wonder.

# For: the realization of personal fond about summertime + first time trying Acrostic + first glass of Mojito (whoops!) + daily prompt “countless

“I love the first time. I want my whole life to be composed of them. Life is only interesting if life is wide.” – KYD