Don’t Cry 「泣かないで」

Heart, please cry no more.
As feelings can’t be let go
To evaporate.


# 88 I will not cry anymore.


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I’m so amateur for this. If you have any advice, correction, comment, please please tell me (for both Japanese and English). I will appreciate it very much.

A Forkmate Story

The fork was looking for the spoon.
Travelling up to the Saturn moon.

At the first stop at Mars,
The fork went alone to steak bar.
Pairs of knife and fork snogged on the sofas,
The fork’s world was ajar.

At the second rest at Jupiter,
The fork couldn’t think of more wonders.
Sitting down, ordering a plate of spaghetti,
Next table, a fork couple kissed passionately.

Here, the last, landing on Enceladus,
After seeking, lonely life might be a must.
Then the light tap on the shoulder,
The fork blinks eyes, tries to be sober.

That moment, everything clicks,
When the stranger says “hello, gorgeous chopstick”


# inspired by today dinner which I (accidentally) used only chopsticks + Daily Prompt: Fork