Your Love is My Summer Night

Your love’s like a summer night,
Cooling me down from the heat,
Extending my day with your extra light,
Comforting my skin with your breeze.

Sometimes, between us is madness.
You turn air still. My sweats drop like tears.
But looked out at midnight, your darkness’s
Still brighter than any time of the year.


# Daily Prompt: Darkness

Photo: Hydrenyea under the street light (Kyoto-Shiyakusho-mae, Kyoto)

I love summer night. It’s like I have extra time to play:) It’s feel nice to chirp in the nature at this time. Then, when today daily prompt is darkness, I can only think about something light and cheerful. (Although, normally, I am writing so many dark pieces!)

Everything Is Beautiful Because Of the Grey Sky

Everything is so beautiful
Under the grey sky.
Like the paint on the white tile.
Everything is so beautiful
By the heart and the truth.
Neither a word to lie nor a spotlight to shine.
Isn’t everything more beautiful
Because of the grey sky?

Life is so beautiful
On the plain backgroud.
In winter, I can’t have you around.
Life is as beautiful
As a rose before a summer rain.
“Seeing you again” is a sweet pain.
Life wouldn’t be this beautiful
Without the plain background.

Everything is beautiful
Because the sky is not blue.
The storm may come without any clues, but
Everything is beautiful
Because you’re with me. We’ve lived among
People’s kindness and nature’s beauty.
Everything is beautiful
Because the sky today is not blue.


# Triolet. For my love to the rose.
Kyoto Botanical Garden on last sunday.

Poetry, love, hide, and Kyoto cherry blossom

Another side,
hundred people walk by.
I want to find,
the place belongs to mine.

I sit alone,
spring, sky, sunshine.
I dream of you,
it shifts state of mind.

Another soul,
I know when time goes by?
Look in your eyes,
See everything I hide.

(revised: 20160411)

# I went out to local spot for sakura viewing in Kyoto. You have no idea how many people on just another side of the hill! Common situation, by the way. I think only this shot I could take today is without people. It is scenic and lovely! I just too fond of it to not write something with this memory.