Local Train for Saturday

It’s Saturday, let’s go leisurely.
Taking local train deliberately.
The rhyme wakes foggy mind softly;
Pause gently, move regularly.

It’s life, let’s go beautifully.
Capture the moment of ordinary.
It’s always too soon to be ready
When presence turns into memory.

# 113 My Saturday with Keihan Uji line local train (the train that stops every station), Kyoto.
This video has sound.

Life is Short, Kiss the Rose

I can spend forever to trace
These soft delicate rosy curves.
My eyes are lost in this lovely shape,
Yours is craft created by nature.
My fingers can’t keep in proper place
To trail in front grace, tender.
My lips close the space
And your kiss back stills the earth.

Daily Post prompt : Trace
Last Sunday at Kyoto botanical garden, Kyoto

Beloved, Be You

Don’t try to please him,
It won’t be lastly helpful.
Just be happy
In the things you do.
Believe me,
I was there before.
Until, my lively soul
Was left its core.

Don’t try to please him,
Simply be you.
If it goes well,
You know it’s true.
And the future is lovely to go on,
Not as a camouflage.
Real love is going to accept
Your diamond heart.

# 106