The South Calling

Let’s go to the south
Where hearts bathe in forever sun.
What’s to wait about.
Life is once. Make it fun.
Here’s only cloud of doubt.
Isn’t it a sign to run?
Think having time to count,
Tomorrow, may a bullet be loaded in a gun.


# First time with Daily Prompt

The War of Living

I jump into a fight,
my soul’s stabbed by knife.
I feel dark shadows crowd.
They try to pull me down.

The white flag’s flapping above my head
as I want to have forever rest.
No dream, no hope, no one around,
I wake in grave under the ground.

Either it’s fight or flight,
the sun pours me no light.
I sail to farthest far,
but where is my north star.

Covered with blood, I trip on the land,
shriek by shards of dream on the sand.
A victory, I could never see.
The greatest enemy is unknown me.