Four Kisses a Day

Every morning,
Imagine the soft kisses.
The first one on your lips
Mumbles greeting for the day.

If drowsiness creeps in,
The second one brushes it away.
It tries its best to say
Wake up and have a good day.

The third whispers – I believe in you.
And whatever you have to do today,
Just do you best.
Everything is going to be okay.

In all the evenings,
When you come back from your long way.
My forth one waits and stays
To tell I love who you choose to be, always.


# Wish everyone a beautiful wake-up and a wonderful day:)

Forgive, For Love, Forever

I slammed the door to your face.
The heat rose badly in the chest.
Looking at the floor, I saw my work mess
Was tidied into the right place.

How could you said something like this.
Knuckles turned white. I clenched my fists,
Wanted to jam them on your lips
Where I always got a kiss.

I padded out from my room. You leaved.
Just next door but it’s like a heap.
I knocked, waited in a silent weep.
“Need you” I poured, hoped it seeped.

“What I’m for?” returned with a sting.
My heart cries “for-ever, darling”.


# Daily prompt: Angry