Life is Short, Kiss the Rose

I can spend forever to trace
These soft delicate rosy curves.
My eyes are lost in this lovely shape,
Yours is craft created by nature.
My fingers can’t keep in proper place
To trail in front grace, tender.
My lips close the space
And your kiss back stills the earth.

Daily Post prompt : Trace
Last Sunday at Kyoto botanical garden, Kyoto

Summer Snow

Is it possible
To keep delicate snow;
Love which can’t be hold?

But last drop melted in summer,
I can’t pray to thank enough.

# 117 – rewrite
Photo: Summer Snow, Kyoto Botanical Garden
Inspired by: 蛍火の杜へ & 今日は会社休みます

The Goodbye Invitation

Are there twinkle stars in your eyes?
Or the glowing moon in your mind?
How do you make those gentle lights shine
Into where my deepest feeling hides.

Are they all petals on your fingertips?
But the red rose ones seem to be on your lips.
Why your soft touches could snip
My despairs and nightmares in one swift.

Are that like signal in your smiles?
I daydream your love might be mine.
If our fates just once entwine,
I invite my life this beautiful goodbye.

Daily Prompt: Twinkle


# I want to write something cute for this word but it naturally flows in this way lol.

For the Love (of the Sky)

How I can describe the sky
In three words. I cannot
Shrink clouds and stars.
How I can describe the sky
Where it always lifts my
Soul and heals the scars.
How can I describe the sky
In three words? I cannot.

How I can describe my feeling
In three words. I can
Not imagine, but my life, you come in.
How I can describe the feeling
When you lift my soul and
Heal the scars with a kiss.
How can I describe my feeling
In three words? I can.

# Triolet for my favourite space, the sky.
Photo: The Rose Garden. Kyoto.

Everything Is Beautiful Because Of the Grey Sky

Everything is so beautiful
Under the grey sky.
Like the paint on the white tile.
Everything is so beautiful
By the heart and the truth.
Neither a word to lie nor a spotlight to shine.
Isn’t everything more beautiful
Because of the grey sky?

Life is so beautiful
On the plain backgroud.
In winter, I can’t have you around.
Life is as beautiful
As a rose before a summer rain.
“Seeing you again” is a sweet pain.
Life wouldn’t be this beautiful
Without the plain background.

Everything is beautiful
Because the sky is not blue.
The storm may come without any clues, but
Everything is beautiful
Because you’re with me. We’ve lived among
People’s kindness and nature’s beauty.
Everything is beautiful
Because the sky today is not blue.


# Triolet. For my love to the rose.
Kyoto Botanical Garden on last sunday.