Nothing Can Play Tonight Again

The world is so safe,
We can lay down at riverside
Pointing those stars
Of the late summer night.
The cool breeze rhymes
The half moonlight.
Nothing can play
Again tonight.

Even I felt fine to stroll alone along the river at night, someone could surprise me more. Laying on grass for stars where the street is just across the river. It is wonderful how to feel the world so safe now. I wish I did that too. Although, I don’t, I memorize this moment forever.

# 130

Daily prompt: memorize

Place: Kamogawa, Sanjo, Kyoto


All bodies in this nebula
Are my broken pieces.

Once, we were a big fixed star,
Flaring like the Sun, no less.

Are these numerous scars,
The interstellar emptiness.

They, from the farthest far,
Delude we are the cloud of beautifulness.

The pulses in each pieces are
The orchestra of faintest.

To reform is a war.
To lastly rest is debated.

The persistent music in the charred
Solitary universe slowly navigates.

Tiny masses of the protostar
Gravitate in the nearly darkest darkness.


# Don’t give up.
Daily prompt: Struggle + Rebuild

For the Love (of the Sky)

How I can describe the sky
In three words. I cannot
Shrink clouds and stars.
How I can describe the sky
Where it always lifts my
Soul and heals the scars.
How can I describe the sky
In three words? I cannot.

How I can describe my feeling
In three words. I can
Not imagine, but my life, you come in.
How I can describe the feeling
When you lift my soul and
Heal the scars with a kiss.
How can I describe my feeling
In three words? I can.

# Triolet for my favourite space, the sky.
Photo: The Rose Garden. Kyoto.