Waiting For You

If we belonged to each other,
We would end up together.
I stare at the moon and ponder
Every night, you might be my life partner.

If we lived in the alternate universe,
It would be easier to let feelings burst.
I would say my heart senses since the first
How you might be the answer of the search.

If we belonged together, not to the others,
The right time would come, no wonders.
Is it stupid to be this kind of believer?
But don’t we want someone who never wavers?

Obviously, we have lived in this universe.
Though, it’s hard and I feel very hurt.
Tonight, I stare at stars and immerse
The feeling of waiting for love.


Daily Prompt: Together

The Goodbye Invitation

Are there twinkle stars in your eyes?
Or the glowing moon in your mind?
How do you make those gentle lights shine
Into where my deepest feeling hides.

Are they all petals on your fingertips?
But the red rose ones seem to be on your lips.
Why your soft touches could snip
My despairs and nightmares in one swift.

Are that like signal in your smiles?
I daydream your love might be mine.
If our fates just once entwine,
I invite my life this beautiful goodbye.

Daily Prompt: Twinkle


# I want to write something cute for this word but it naturally flows in this way lol.