Beautiful Pieces of Pains

All the saints I’m around turn to grey.

Their black eyes just stare and slay

My hope into dusty powders.

With teardrops, they’re falling together.

But the nature’s mercy

Brushes up each pain carefully.

Every invisible pieces of heart on the ground

Are transformed into jewels of red, star, yellow, crown.

I realize the world suddenly

Blesses every sad soul secretly,

With colorful lessons to appreciate,

With the never-dying faith.


Oh the world, my heart is breaking.
Eyes closing, I try to hold.
The green stems shoot from ground,
Hug softly around my soul.

In teary space, meadows spring,
Flowers scatter in like the starry sky.
On the right, the sun shines a very gentle smile,
Let me to look directly by eyes.

On the left, the silver moon
Weaves through the air its light.
Blanketing my tremble body
In this seem to be forever night.

Oh the heart, my world is healing.
Eyes opening, I feel it flows.
The loves that should stay stays
And the pains gradually go.

# 104

Soul Shelter is Nature and Insanity

I always get lost in sky colors
And inner insanities.
My mind denies to be a settler
Of this falsely glamor city.
The tiny corner of nature
Is life shelter, soul sanctuary.
They say this’s where all desires,
I only picture a night of silverly starry.
If nothing’s wrong with this life chapter,
Why ponders repeatedly?
When today’s sunset glows over,
I surrender and flee.


# A moment of tempting to live my life just by chasing the beautiful sky because of today’s sunset.