On the wrong way, in the wrong hands

Between too close words, there is
A huge misunderstanding.
I’ve found being kind is not exactly being caring.
He just gives only upon asking.

Enthusiasm is not rather about speed
Than unceasing positive thoughts and actions.
It is not to reveal some short greeds
But to keep working on inside lifetime passions.

Between two close words, there was
My distorted understanding.
I was burned in wrong way devoting,
He let me have a long leaving.

Somewhere in the world, my confusing soul is redefining
New concept for second living.

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

Those Bad Mouths

Those stinky pessimistic fumes
From careless brainless mouths.
How discouraging their messages can convey,
Sometimes we can only doubt.
Although this society
Would be so pretty if they wore snouts.
But our minds are strong,
Let it pass like breathing out.
Or as pieces of garbage we dispose
In life, who counts?
A letter with no receivers
Eventually returns to.. sender’s house.