Dear (Not) Friend

You are a good friend
For all those people, right?
They always ask you
For life advice?
I believed and handed over
My fragile pieces.
You laughed over and gave
Some cheap speeches.

My dear best friend
You remember your promise, right?
I was tortured
To find your bright side.
At least, I got the lesson
To trust carefully.
Waiting for real actions
Rather than verbal honey.

You are a good friend
For many people, right.
Probably, we just
Don’t have compatible vibes.
I will be a fool
For you the last time.
Even forever ceases,
I will not turn off this alarm.

# 93

The Darkest Hole

The gigantic big black hole I have ever seen.
I try and try to leap away lately.
The gap between I know things so many
But, in the world, I am unable to do good any.

The gigantic big black crack I have ever fallen.
It’s the darkest, I am hearing the silence.
Will the sky, warm sunshine and confidence
Come back and survive in this soul broken?

“The gigantic big black hole I could ever cross”
This dream phrase engraves in my thought.
Because it’s only either jumping across or eternal remorse
Of the too young exhausted life loss.



Between ribcages, there’s a hollow
Of, once, where poetries were composed.
The numb hand has no words;
Every yesterdays become just blank papers.
The beauties in the eyes
Have no further meaning or hidden advice.
I should write a better love poetry
But the snatcher is not a reality.
It has no more heartfelt verses
In this unrecovered emptiness.

The Old Smile

Throwback photograph;
A sunny day at Marktplatz,
Hot frites from paper cone,
I curved above the smile of my own.

I so miss you
And the moment that sunlights could seep through
My mind.
I’m instantly blind
By the happiness the previous life shines.


# Looking at last year trip photo in Belgium, I just realize how I fond of one funny photo which I curved the fries above my smile. I could see the simple happiness bursted under the afternoon sun rays, and I missed that moment:)

Life Nightmare Song

Life is like a very beautiful song.
It’s so wrong when I lost purpose to sing.
I start to see where I can belong
But it’s not strong to keep me breathing.

I dreamed of flying in first class,
Sipped from glass with diamond embedded.
I dreamed of summer houses; one in vast
Orchards; another with oceanic surrounding.

Why they seem not important anymore?
All day long, I watched sun dazzling.
Am I wrecked, dead, or just bored?
How to restore a power of living?

And at night, I cannot sleep peacefully
As I hope to hear guided lullaby plays freely.
Those life nightmares from the scariest stories
Can’t compete this moment silence of eternity.


My Mindmake Miserable Mask

Unconsciously, my hands craft a beautiful miserable mask.

  Fingertips slip a piece of art to cover a frail heart.

Its shadow encourages a masquerade to believe that a task

  Is beyond bearable because of the external parts.

Time goes by, blinds the significant ask

  That all sadnesses are real or gangs of guards.

To avoid the fear of going in the dark

  Or playing when life has all poor cards.

Consciously, my hands take out the miserable mask

  And start living with beauty of truth and brave heart.


# A glimpse of Adler’s psychology concept from 嫌われる勇気

The Worst Voyage of Saving Soul

Bon voyage, my babies.
Sail self-esteem to the hidden sea.
Thus, this ghost could not distort inner me,
Even though its shell would never be free.

Load the ship with my past happiness
Immediately during this crusade.
Although nothing lefts but the lifelessness,
Joy may survive to derive after the darkness.

Then hide in a missile, my ambition,
Fire it out to space to rest at Titan.
Hope for a next reincarnation,
Reincorporate all pieces back to one.

Bon voyage, all babies.
And I forget why to live, entirely.


Daily Prompt: Voyage