Life Nightmare Song

Life is like a very beautiful song.
It’s so wrong when I lost purpose to sing.
I start to see where I can belong
But it’s not strong to keep me breathing.

I dreamed of flying in first class,
Sipped from glass with diamond embedded.
I dreamed of summer houses; one in vast
Orchards; another with oceanic surrounding.

Why they seem not important anymore?
All day long, I watched sun dazzling.
Am I wrecked, dead, or just bored?
How to restore a power of living?

And at night, I cannot sleep peacefully
As I hope to hear guided lullaby plays freely.
Those life nightmares from the scariest stories
Can’t compete this moment silence of eternity.


Why Going to Disneyland?

Why going to Disneyland?
Perhaps because I now can.
Because I had never been
when I was a teen.

Perhaps I want to see
alive childhood stories.
Before getting too old
and a few rides make me fold.

Perhaps I want to forget
all the life logic set,
working for money,
climbing the ladder of society.

Perhaps I don’t have a reason
to visit sort of imagination.
Let’s be free, be happy.
Life is to create a mosaic of good time memory.


# Couplet for Tokyo Disneyland trip (2016.05.01)