It’s so odd; strolling into this feeling
With eyes open, heart beats normally.
Knowingly, it might be you.

It’s like February 13.
Tomorrow is Valentine’s.
But it’s still not mine, this time.

It contradicts; being certain with doubt.
Wanting to ask everything;
Stars, roses petal counting.

But nothing can answer
Better than me.
Yet, are we?


A Moment Into Love

A moment when another soul’s eyes
Shine the answer of searching,
The winter sky is still simple blue
And the wind doesn’t sing.

A hint just once went to heart,
It lasts without wavering.
From summer through autumn,
Like my mind waits for some known things.

Today’s moment when your eyes
Smiled into my deepest feeling,
I don’t resist if it’s you
For my every future springs.

# 94