I Give My Turn For You

If I could stop the end of the bottle
That was spinning in the dream right now,
It would point at you, my angel,
I would claim the lips I’m allowed.
But I wake up every morning,
I never want to bring you down from the clouds.
Do you want to spin the bottle
Only among the angels’ crowd?

Daily prompt: bottle

The Invisible Yarn

I wish I had an invisible yarn
I would bow your little finger before
Losing you into the world, big and wide.
I wish I had an invisible yarn
Of our fates that still entwine.
The string to bring us to meet once more.
I wish I had an invisible yarn,
And could bow your heart corner before…

Daily Prompt: Yarn

#111: I miss triolet and you

Don’t Cry 「泣かないで」

Heart, please cry no more.
As feelings can’t be let go
To evaporate.


# 88 I will not cry anymore.


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