The Only Way I Control Love

I used to be sad
To realize how we can’t control love.
All time travel, if we had,
Couldn’t make us have someone’s love.

But I’m now so glad
To learn that is not at all true.
All time travel, if I had,
I would choose to fall in love with you.

Another last piece for you
Place: MINT at night, Osaka, Japan

Poetry, love, hide, and Kyoto cherry blossom

Another side,
hundred people walk by.
I want to find,
the place belongs to mine.

I sit alone,
spring, sky, sunshine.
I dream of you,
it shifts state of mind.

Another soul,
I know when time goes by?
Look in your eyes,
See everything I hide.

(revised: 20160411)

# I went out to local spot for sakura viewing in Kyoto. You have no idea how many people on just another side of the hill! Common situation, by the way. I think only this shot I could take today is without people. It is scenic and lovely! I just too fond of it to not write something with this memory.

Spring Haiku in Kyoto


White cloud of spring
Pebble beach, winter river
All can be if want

I tried my first haiku here. As I was riding my bike, the full bloomed sakura along the riverside seemed like fluffy clouds. In the river, there is the big pebble island which reminds me the beach. I hopped down and breathed and strolled on it for a while. The breeze over there has a scent of sea. I just think being, showing, endeavoring self to be whichever one wants to be, some day people will see. Like the way I can see flowers as high as a white cloud and pebbles at river as far as it is at open sea.