Monday Hospital

Monday hospital is the worst.
Too many people with sickness.
The smelly detergent.
To wait for fake kindness.
But my wound starts to be cured.
And all those may be real gentleness.
Appreciation of living
Is shining at the death nearest.


My Favorite Dish

It’s neither tenderloin and foie gras
Of medium perfect cooking,
Nor a fresh lobster from Alaska,
Ten minutes before living.
Warm chicken soup, when I’m far
From home, is all I’m craving.
Who needs the salt from Himalaya,
Family sharing is great seasoning.
Can three Michelin Stars
Cure the scar of heartbreaking?
My loveliest dishes are
Simmered with dad and mom’s caring.


Daily Prompt: Craving

# First time foie gras experience a few days ago + third time being sick in this year but too far to have mom’s cooking + Going to have chicken soup (by myself) tomorrow.