Waiting For You

If we belonged to each other,
We would end up together.
I stare at the moon and ponder
Every night, you might be my life partner.

If we lived in the alternate universe,
It would be easier to let feelings burst.
I would say my heart senses since the first
How you might be the answer of the search.

If we belonged together, not to the others,
The right time would come, no wonders.
Is it stupid to be this kind of believer?
But don’t we want someone who never wavers?

Obviously, we have lived in this universe.
Though, it’s hard and I feel very hurt.
Tonight, I stare at stars and immerse
The feeling of waiting for love.


Daily Prompt: Together

Spirit Anthem (Rock!)

Don’t be dead, don’t be dead, don’t be dead.
Let’s enjoy doing this humoresque.
Stand tall. Pace with grace. Heave our chests.
Tint cheeks with some reds. Look! That’s great!

Wear items of classic and timeless.
No, it’s not Ray-ban sunglasses. (why!?)
Let’s put on attention and kindness.
Don’t be like those people that’s heartless.

No one knows that we’re force of ghost. 
Yes, make-up rips us off heavy costs! (oh..)
But we truly care our folks,
How others detect our lives’ losts?

Don’t be dead. Let’s crack out our graves.
Chant this song with one more our ghost wave! (yes!)
Raid cities with smile like a brave.
There are so many lives we can save.

Don’t forget a few things to behave
Like blink eyes and lift feet from the pave!

Yesterday’s daily prompt: ghost

# Not so sure I can write it as funny (with a sprinkle of sarcasm) as I want. Anyway, I hope you get a sense of ghost rock music  poetry (?) here!

The Worst Voyage of Saving Soul

Bon voyage, my babies.
Sail self-esteem to the hidden sea.
Thus, this ghost could not distort inner me,
Even though its shell would never be free.

Load the ship with my past happiness
Immediately during this crusade.
Although nothing lefts but the lifelessness,
Joy may survive to derive after the darkness.

Then hide in a missile, my ambition,
Fire it out to space to rest at Titan.
Hope for a next reincarnation,
Reincorporate all pieces back to one.

Bon voyage, all babies.
And I forget why to live, entirely.


Daily Prompt: Voyage

Forgive, For Love, Forever

I slammed the door to your face.
The heat rose badly in the chest.
Looking at the floor, I saw my work mess
Was tidied into the right place.

How could you said something like this.
Knuckles turned white. I clenched my fists,
Wanted to jam them on your lips
Where I always got a kiss.

I padded out from my room. You leaved.
Just next door but it’s like a heap.
I knocked, waited in a silent weep.
“Need you” I poured, hoped it seeped.

“What I’m for?” returned with a sting.
My heart cries “for-ever, darling”.


# Daily prompt: Angry

Summer, A Moment of Magic

Count the date on the calendar.
Less than a week to go to the sea.
Mojito with too much ice and brown sugar.
Mentally pace with bare feet, in comfy tee.

Offshore breeze, laundry, and barbecue,
Summer sweetens also humoresque and morning dew!

Count the roses, lie in the garden.
Less than them are only clear night stars.
Mom makes all the faves in the kitchen.
Mention that dad’s about to start the car!

Of all the time in a whole year, summer
Magic countlessly makes me wonder.

# For: the realization of personal fond about summertime + first time trying Acrostic + first glass of Mojito (whoops!) + daily prompt “countless

“I love the first time. I want my whole life to be composed of them. Life is only interesting if life is wide.” – KYD


Cough Syrup Is Always Too Sweet


Cough syrup is always too sweet.
I stare at ceiling, grit my teeth.
The night is so long when can’t sleep.
Another dry one makes me leap.

Cough syrup is always too sweet.
I am bored to count my heartbeats.
Then the weight shifts down on the sheet.
I feel your body and the heat.

Cough syrup is always too sweet.
I shake head, don’t need any treats.
You smile, whisper “try this, please?”
I smile, reply “what it is?”

The warm lips take my breath. It defeats.
Cough syrup is always too sweet.


#staring at ceiling, insomnia night (2016.05.14)