Oh the world, my heart is breaking.
Eyes closing, I try to hold.
The green stems shoot from ground,
Hug softly around my soul.

In teary space, meadows spring,
Flowers scatter in like the starry sky.
On the right, the sun shines a very gentle smile,
Let me to look directly by eyes.

On the left, the silver moon
Weaves through the air its light.
Blanketing my tremble body
In this seem to be forever night.

Oh the heart, my world is healing.
Eyes opening, I feel it flows.
The loves that should stay stays
And the pains gradually go.

# 104

Falling In Love is a Self Breakthrough

Falling for someone is a self breakthrough.
Because countless questions start to
Raise in our minds, ponder for possibilities,
Twist our hearts with many imaginaries.
We then know how we react with pure happiness
And grief in case it ends with loneliness.
We think what we want to do to be better.
We learn how to be flexible or surrender
At the right moment to have a future,
To prolong the relationship nearest to forever.
It is a lesson everyone should have a chance,
With this feeling, to soar, to sink, to understand.
Because the deepest corner of our souls,
Only love could unfold.

Daily Prompt: Breakthrough


Spirit Anthem (Rock!)

Don’t be dead, don’t be dead, don’t be dead.
Let’s enjoy doing this humoresque.
Stand tall. Pace with grace. Heave our chests.
Tint cheeks with some reds. Look! That’s great!

Wear items of classic and timeless.
No, it’s not Ray-ban sunglasses. (why!?)
Let’s put on attention and kindness.
Don’t be like those people that’s heartless.

No one knows that we’re force of ghost. 
Yes, make-up rips us off heavy costs! (oh..)
But we truly care our folks,
How others detect our lives’ losts?

Don’t be dead. Let’s crack out our graves.
Chant this song with one more our ghost wave! (yes!)
Raid cities with smile like a brave.
There are so many lives we can save.

Don’t forget a few things to behave
Like blink eyes and lift feet from the pave!

Yesterday’s daily prompt: ghost

# Not so sure I can write it as funny (with a sprinkle of sarcasm) as I want. Anyway, I hope you get a sense of ghost rock music  poetry (?) here!

A Heart Shot

It’s warm and nice, right here, in your arms.
I looked up at your face, you scared.
What happened, baby? I looked down.
It was blood, blood, blood everywhere.

It’s not hurt but it’s hard to resist
Heavy eyelids. I wanted to rest.
But you said don’t, don’t, with kisses.
Keeping me drifting to space.

It’s so far and like a chaos
Around me and my inner thought.
I breathed in, breathed in, your sweet scent,
Nowhere’s more perfect place if I’m lost.

Stay with me, you stumbled, I trembled.
I love you, love you too, in the air.
To awake was beyond capable.
I didn’t want to go, I sweared.

At the point, we had to pull apart.
Let me ask the last thing only?
You promised, anything, everything, my baby.
I whispered please, please don’t wait for me.


# The sweet nightmare at 6:30 AM.