On the wrong way, in the wrong hands

Between too close words, there is
A huge misunderstanding.
I’ve found being kind is not exactly being caring.
He just gives only upon asking.

Enthusiasm is not rather about speed
Than unceasing positive thoughts and actions.
It is not to reveal some short greeds
But to keep working on inside lifetime passions.

Between two close words, there was
My distorted understanding.
I was burned in wrong way devoting,
He let me have a long leaving.

Somewhere in the world, my confusing soul is redefining
New concept for second living.

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

A Love Pain Remains by Good Life

Mooning can be stopped,
Heartbreaking can be short.
Daydreaming doesn’t love to stay,
All those inner pains slip away.
When at night, no shelters to sleep
All day long has nothing to eat.
When too few scarce life heat
Can’t be protected from winter breeze.

If we have someone to miss,
Don’t that be something to cherish?
As the time is the most valuable thing,
Million people fight now for their livings.
But we can just keep thinking
And feel hurt along the love songs we sing.
Thanks for beautiful pains that can remain under our skins
Because good lives enough we are all in.


The Darkest Hole

The gigantic big black hole I have ever seen.
I try and try to leap away lately.
The gap between I know things so many
But, in the world, I am unable to do good any.

The gigantic big black crack I have ever fallen.
It’s the darkest, I am hearing the silence.
Will the sky, warm sunshine and confidence
Come back and survive in this soul broken?

“The gigantic big black hole I could ever cross”
This dream phrase engraves in my thought.
Because it’s only either jumping across or eternal remorse
Of the too young exhausted life loss.


Life Dilemma is Like…

Life dilemma is not always like a monster sea
Where we can plan to sail through carefully.
Nor it is smelly like poisonous ivy
Which we avoid to go near, definitely.
Sometimes, it comes in the form
Of sweet summer honey.
Too late to know when jumping,
How it is so messy, sticky.
Life dilemma is like the calm sea
Before the storms of unexpected tragedies.


Daily Prompt: Dilemma

If I Live Until Fifty

If I’m lucky enough to live until fifty,
I hope I’m not a soulless body.
I won’t be a soulless body.

I know some abilities will falter
But fifty is not that factor.
Ambition is what it matters.

I want to see myself at fifty
As someone who grows old gracefully,
Keeps smiling and being healthy.

I hope my dreams are fierce and strong.
I hope I help places where I belong,
Have beloved people to share good times and life songs.

Let’s live life to the fullest, be happy,
Face the world with kindness and sympathy,
If I’m lucky enough to live until fifty.


# Daily Prompt: Fifty

For Your Eyes (but They’re Not my Missing Destiny)

I don’t know why but I missed your eyes.
The way they’re kind is too hard to find.
But we’re too far like two skies.
There’s no way to see twice.
Until today, the world conspired.
I opened door, it was you behind.

I wonder why nothing’s in my memory,
Except your eyes, I recognized immediately.
It’s not my heart but you touched closely,
Sliced that part deeply, carefully.
I don’t like you. It’s just your eyes (and maybe smile), obviously.
More than certain, this’s what you do to everybody.

I don’t want to cross danger line but my poetry
Keeps whispering the missing word is destiny.


# My fiftieth. For your eyes. Surprisingly