It Might be You

Time.. I’ve been passing time, watching the sky.
The last summer was almost drearily passed by.
But then I saw your eyes.
I think – it might be you.

Place.. if I found the place,
Would you recognize my face?
When we met every time, the request
Pound in my chest – could it be you?

Song.. I’m playing the song, hearing the clue.
So many things is whispering it must be you.
And I feel it too.
I’m feeling it’ll just be you.



Discover Challenge: Song

I fond of “It Might be You”, Stephen Bishop version. This verse got some of my favorite lines from the lyrics, which made me pretty happy to be able to mingle it into my writings and put the feeling out in my own way. And… lately, I found someone related to this song with more degree of uncertainties (lol). Probably, I have to erase this sentence in future. But this song is his forever.


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A Soulbird Song

Open a window for a morning.
A songbird sings “Hello, darling. How are you?”
Follow the blue sky out of sight.
Open a window for a morning
Light. Take a deep breath. Smile.
Appreciate those questions in the eyes. While
Open a window for a morning,
With a songbird, sing “Hello, darling. How are we?”

Open a window for a morning. Rain.
“Are you all right?” the same bird sings behind the wet pane.
The tears and clouds swoop down once again.
Open a window for a morning rain.
Keep listening. Be present.
Keep loving. Be contented.
Open a window for a morning rain.
“Life is going to be all right” a soulbird sings despite the pains.


# Daily Prompt: Open